A Graphic Designer’s Tips for a Good Logo

“What should I expect when I’m getting a logo?” I’ve learned a lot since working as a graphic designer and here are some of my tips of what is a good logo.

Not every logo is going to be literal and symbolic. In fact, your logo should be identifiable, but it doesn’t need to explain every aspect of your business.

The best logos work in one color and in varied sizes. You want to see instances of this before approving the design.

If you plan on using your logo on a tshirt, banner, or button – a designer should be showing you mock ups of how it will look in these instances.

Wonder Warrior Tribe on Tshirt Mock Up

If you decide to have a logo with a lot of color variations/shading, be sure to have a “flat version” of a logo. This is because there will be instances that require your logo to have flat colors, for example screenprinting a t-shirt. 

You want to be sure that it will stand out between your competitors. Don’t be the 5th photographer in the area with a letter and some leaves around it 😉

And we’re in the age of movement and scalability. Bonus points if your logo can animated.

Lastly, I know a lot of people want a logo that’s easily recognizable, but what they don’t understand is that your brand is what will make your logo recognizable. What designers create in a logo can only go as far as you pushing your brand. So instead of making it something that you find super special, make it feel ownable and yours – and your brand will do the rest. 

Hopefully these tips for a good logo will help you feel more informed when interviewing for the right designer for your business.

Want to see a little behind the scenes of how I create a logo? Check out this blog post.

Are you a designer that wants to learn more about creating logos? My favorite resources are videos by the futur.

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