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Tips for a Good Logo Part 2 – What Logo Files Should You Get

Have you read part one, where I start talking about what makes a good logo? Regardless of the price point you’re looking to spend, I believe that every designer should provide their client with these types of files when they are delivering your logo files:

Logo File Types

  • An .eps file: This is a vector file type that allows you to work with printers and other designers in the future. A vector logo file is many things, but the main point is this/; it can be scaled indefinitely and not lose it’s line quality. This is very important in a logo.
  • A high-quality PNG: this gives you a logo on a transparent background. These logo files are super handy, so make sure you get one of those.
  • A high-quality JPEG/JPG is also nice to have, as that’s one of the typical files you will use. The only downfall is that there is always a background color.

Logo Files with Mulitple Color Formats

On top of these files you should be receiving your logos in different color formats.

  • CMYK – This is the color profile for print, so think your business card, flyers, posters, etc.
  • RGB – This is the color profile for digital, so think social media, your website, digital ads.
  • ONE COLOR – This is typically black, but a one color version is nice when you have a very limited color palette to work with, i.e. embroidery or black and white ads
  • WHITE – all white logos work really well on dark backgrounds, so be sure to get yourself one.
  • PANTONE/SPOT colors – This is usually needed if you’re screen printing. A lot of times a CMYK blend is applicable too.

Logo Files with Variations

The For the Love of Pets logo above is a standard logo delivery system. The screenshot above shows all of the different variations of their logo.

  • Main Logo
  • Main Logo with Tagline
  • Just the Emblem
  • Secondary Logo Format

This variation allows for easy use across different platforms and mediums. And as you can see, each variation is also played out in all the different color variations. The colors do not change, but they easily relate to one and is all a part of a cohesive brand.


Responsive logos are becoming essential across all the different platforms we use daily. Think about it: you wake up to your phone, maybe an smartwatch, and then you have the tablet or computer, or laptop. Then you walk by a billboard or a flyer. One size doesn’t fit all, which is why the next big thing is a responsive logo.

I do believe a lot of the logos I’ve created can be scaled down, but this is something I am becoming more and more conscience of as I design new logos.

Lastly, I think all good logos should be loved.

Seriously, if you are a client – you should LOVE your logo. And if you’re a designer, you should be PROUD of the logo you made and happy how it makes your client feel. I believe that if you approach logo design with open communication, professionalism, and with a strategy and audience in mind, both client and designer can be very happy.


A Graphic Designer’s Tips for a Good Logo

“What should I expect when I’m getting a logo?” I’ve learned a lot since working as a graphic designer and here are some of my tips of what is a good logo.

Not every logo is going to be literal and symbolic. In fact, your logo should be identifiable, but it doesn’t need to explain every aspect of your business.

The best logos work in one color and in varied sizes. You want to see instances of this before approving the design.

If you plan on using your logo on a tshirt, banner, or button – a designer should be showing you mock ups of how it will look in these instances.

Wonder Warrior Tribe on Tshirt Mock Up

If you decide to have a logo with a lot of color variations/shading, be sure to have a “flat version” of a logo. This is because there will be instances that require your logo to have flat colors, for example screenprinting a t-shirt. 

You want to be sure that it will stand out between your competitors. Don’t be the 5th photographer in the area with a letter and some leaves around it 😉

And we’re in the age of movement and scalability. Bonus points if your logo can animated.

Lastly, I know a lot of people want a logo that’s easily recognizable, but what they don’t understand is that your brand is what will make your logo recognizable. What designers create in a logo can only go as far as you pushing your brand. So instead of making it something that you find super special, make it feel ownable and yours – and your brand will do the rest. 

Hopefully these tips for a good logo will help you feel more informed when interviewing for the right designer for your business.

Want to see a little behind the scenes of how I create a logo? Check out this blog post.

Are you a designer that wants to learn more about creating logos? My favorite resources are videos by the futur.


Featured Work: Wonder Warrior Tribe Logo

The Need

Sometimes a logo is needed for a new business, sometimes it’s needed because the old logo doesn’t resonate their brand. This time, it’s a passion for a coach who wants to inspire others in her accountability group.

Meet Ashley

Ashley and I actually went to middle school together; I remember her being the first friend to call me at my new house in Virginia. We went on to high school together and stayed friends and I remember her being such a strong young lady, full of opinions, and always stood her ground.

So I’m not surprised at how well she’s adulting. She is a super mom of two kids, super wife, and she also rallies for a small group of women (including yours truly) to work out and eat well as a coach for Beachbody. Monthly coaching calls, weekly meals plans, and daily check-ins are what you can expect in this group. And if you have a question, she will find you an answer. Such a Facebook Group always has a little picture, a moniker that tells the rest of the social media group, a tribe you belong to.

And in that, lies the need for a logo.

The Logo

This logo needed to be versatile, personal, and inspirational. It needed to represent the strength of a warrior and also be approachable. The Beachbody videos are all different, but they all run on the basis that you can do it at home with minimum equipment. So, it also needs that personal touch.

As always, we start with some sketches. Here are some I came up in the beginning, thinking of ways to incorporate a bow and arrow – a graphic chosen by Ashley to represent the Wonder Warrior.

From there, I worked on my Ipad and straightened the lines, cleaned up some ideas and presented them to Ashley. And in that, we found that- she really loved two.

Can you have two logos?

Yes and no. I wouldn’t normally recommend a business to have two logos, but in this instance, we found that it’s truly a personal brand more than a business. In this case, why not have an alternative for T-shirts, stickers, and things like that? We kept a consistent color palette to keep it all cohesive.

Wonder Warrior Tribe Sticker on Bottle Mock Up

It’s been a fun new year to be a part of her group and see how well everyone is doing – and the encouragement is fucking awesome, especially since you’re alone, at home, trying your best. I can’t wait to see how far these graphics will go this year!

If you want to read more about my logo process, I detail the how I created the Strong Not Sorry logo.

Have a need for a logo? I’m your girl! Let’s chat: ceindyton@gmail.com

Ceindy Doodles on iPad Pro using Procreate

Favorite Procreate Brushes for Lettering and Illustration

About a year and a half ago I professed my love for my iPad Pro and the app Procreate. I am happy to report this love is still going strong and I see a bright future ahead for us. In case you’re still on the fence or you’ve been impressed by some of the lettering I’ve drawn on the iPad, here’s a list of my favorite procreate brushes.

For Sketching

Ceindy Doodles Procreate Sketch

When it comes to sketching, I like to use the Default 6B Pencil you find under the Sketching section. It acts just like a soft pencil and I love the romanticism of it as I try to sketch. I also like how dark it can get as I layer the sketch marks. Sometimes I’ll use this in the final drawing, but usually, I start off with this brush to help layout and get some ideas on the page.

For Digital Chalk Lettering + Illustrations

Ceindy Doodles Hello Chalk Lettering

Ian Barnard’s Chalk Dust kit is my absolute FAVORITE to use for digital chalk lettering. In the drawing above, I used this kit to create the background as well as the lettering. I think the look of these chalk brushes are so authentic and also very easy to use. This pack has a brush called “classic” and I love using it because it’s made more for drawing than for calligraphy (like the default brushes are made for.) If you don’t want to invest in this pack, the default Chalk and Shale brushes are great substitutes under Calligraphy. You can also use pencils in white to give the texture, too.

For Thick and Thin Script Lettering

Ceindy Doodles Fragile like a bomb

For this style of lettering, I use a customized version of the default Script brush under Calligraphy. When you double-tap on the brushes, you can move the toggles to create versions of brushes that work best for you and your style. I am still tweaking this one, but I think I’ve found the formula for this style. I love how smooth it is and how much easier it is for me to vectorize in illustrator.

For Fun Illustrations

Ceindy Doodles Illustration

My absolute GO-TO BRUSHES for illustration (and lettering, too to be honest) are my Bardot Brushes. My favorite set is the mid-century set, which I’m pretty sure is what I’m using in all of the above drawings. I also have the  COPICat Markers and those are so much fun to draw with. These brushes bring so much life to my drawings, and there’s such a great variety of them that I can use them for so many different styles. I would love, love, love to get more of her brushes soon to play with. She puts so much care and thought into her sets, and they come with great instructions and she even has video tutorials that teach you how to use them. I mean, is there anything better?

So there you have it, my top favorite procreate brushes. Have you tried any of these? Which do you like, I would love to know! Email me at ceindyton@gmail.com or DM me on instagram to start a nerdy procreate brush conversation – it will be absolutely delightful.

purple block with texture

2019 Wedding Signage Trends I’m Excited About

The wedding season is well underway and I thought it would be fun to share some exciting wedding signage trends I’ve been seeing! We can’t ignore that mirrors, chalkboards, and wooden signs are still going to be very prevalent in weddings. However, I’m here to embrace these new mediums that are becoming more and more popular.

*Please note that not all of these examples are my own work.

Let’s start with my favorite – Acrylic!

I love these see-through beauties. I love it when they are painted on the back, too. They are sleek, modern, and brings such a great air of sophistication. Here’s an awesome table chart I lettered for a bride last year on these panels in the coolest frames.

Table Seating Acrylic Sign by Ceindy Doodles

Photographs from Sara & Brad’s Wedding at Ford’s Colony Country Club in Williamsburg, Virginia. Photography by Justin B. Hankins.

And here’s a dessert table sign for a styled shoot where I convinced my hubby to make a black block stand.

Dessert Table Sign by Ceindy Doodles

Will Hawkins Photography

Another trend I’ve been seeing are really slick sign holders.

You can go the rustic route with a wooden stand or even a more contemporary route with a painted block. I’ve also seen really modern metal ones which give me heart eyes all over, like the one below from Ink Love and Paper.


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A post shared by Ink Love and Paper (@inkloveandpaper) on

Lastly, a trend that is slowly creeping in is fabric signs, more specifically fabric backdrops.

These are soft and romantic. When adorned with lettering, you’re sure to give your wedding an air of classical, modern, romance.

Here’s a total throwback to a Gilmore Girls styled shoot where was one of my first attempts.

Fabric Backdrop with Lettering by Ceindy Doodles
Caitlin Gerres Photography

But truly, these huge backdrops full of beautiful letters are to. die. for.



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Do we have the same heart eyes going on for these wedding signage trends? Find out more about my wedding signage services and I hope I get to make something dreamy for your wedding.


Ceindy at Creative South

My First Conference : Creative South 2019

Creative South 2019 was an amazing experience. I’m so super grateful to work for an agency that would send me to learn new things! First of all, all of the attendees were so nice! I think everyone was so friendly because we all have a passion for being creative. To keep this post short and sweet, here are some quick takeaways from the event.

Shy AF?

I know I am. In fact, I’m awkward, too – so it makes being shy even more understandable. Luckily I went with a coworker, so there was always someone to talk to. We are both – I’m not sure how to chime into new groups – people, so here was our trick. We approached mainly single persons. It was great because you could be more one-on-one or two, and your friend could think of other questions to fill any awkward silences. Another happenstance was one of the lettering artists I follow on Instagram posted she was there, so I messaged and said ME TOO, and we met up and talked for a while. I’d like to think everyone I met would chat with me again.

Ceindy at Creative South


You know I was going to talk about food, right? I was really stoked that there were parties and free AMAZING food. There’s nothing like being fed delicious local foods to make me happy. There was a food truck event where I saw the CUTEST shaved ice truck. They told me it’s a renovated horse trailer. I mean, HOW STINKIN’ CUTE IS THIS?! And, pizza parties are always awesome. My friend is allergic to peanuts, and there were some instances where we couldn’t eat in some spots. Ever since working with him, I’ve learned that places can be really ignorant of this common allergen and I wish people were more aware of it – mostly because I want those fried, crispy yums!

Shave Ice Truck

Speakers and Speeches

Dude, there were so many great speeches. I loved many of them and my favorites, if I could only pick three, were Jessica Hische (of course), Efdot, and Rob Zilla. I felt that their talks were memorable and had really awesome actionable ideas that anyone could apply to their Graphic Design career. I loved their presentation style, that they showed a lot of their work (both work in progress and final) and how open they were about their lives and work.

Here’s where I’m going to say something that not everyone will agree with – I wish there were more variety and depth in the speeches. There were a lot of speeches that talked about mental health and mindset – which are great reminders of who we should be. But I really wish there was more. We work in such a big field and I feel that a variety of talks about agency life, freelance life, working with different clients, negotiation tactics, furthering your career, where/what to do when you feel stagnant – topics like those are just as important.

As for depth, there was a great introduction to accessibility and inclusivity, but I wanted more. I wanted examples, I wanted actions, I wanted less intro stuff and to be more in depth. I’ve felt this way about other workshops and speeches. To put it brutally – I am an avid googler, tell me stuff that’s not on the first page of Google, please. On the flip side, I do know that some of those ideas could have been very new to people, so there is a time and a place for it, I just didn’t know I was walking into that place.

Ink Wars 2019 Left Side Ink Wars 2019 Right Side


Totes. I loved the conference experience and would totally do it again. I would totally splurge on a workshop, too. They had so many great little stations, like screen printing your own t-shirt and Ink Wars, the game theme was integrated throughout and everyone I met was truly enjoyable to be around. One thing I would not recommend, trying to walk miles in a new city at midnight. Just because it looks like home, doesn’t mean it is or that Google Maps will take you down the safe streets. Thank goodness for the active Uber community, they were worth every penny.

And Mother’s Day is next week!

Here’s a free digital download of a hand-lettered card for you in three colors—the black is for those with only b/w laserjet printers, like me! Just click on the color you’d like and it’s formatted for you to print out on a letter-sized sheet.

Ceindy Doodles Happy Mother Day in Blue Ceindy Doodles Happy Mother Day in Red Ceindy Doodles Happy Mother Day in Black


Ceindy Doodles Amber and Scott Invitation

How to Order Custom Hand-Lettered Wedding Invitations

Your work was seriously my favorite part of the wedding ❤ Thank you so much for creating such beautiful stuff for us!

-Amber W.

Are you engaged? Are you dreaming about your wedding? Or maybe you’re just curious about what a custom job would take. This is the process when you’d like a custom wedding invitation suite from me.

Step One: Let’s chat.

ceindydoodles-stock-coffee and laptop

Tell me about your wedding, your kid(s), your puppy, whatever! We can chat over email, skype, phone, in person – however you find communication easiest. Not to be creepy, but this is basically our first date. You’ve stalked me on the internet, you’ve got your expectations, and now you’ll see if I can bring it.

Step Two: Timelines and Contracts


After you’ve decided that I’m a good fit for your special occasion, we work on that business-y, legal stuff. Here’s a secret, this part doesn’t suck. A part of me loves to have a set schedule to refer to; I enjoy crafting a timeline for my clients so they know what to expect, when to give me stuff by. I feel that the more organized I am, the better experience everyone will have. You will receive a quote, contract, and timeline that is very flexible. I like to forewarn people that although it may seem like a project might drag long, especially if there are holidays in between, not to worry! Timelines can be adjusted, and are often different in reality if the response speed is quicker than anticipated. Think of the timeline as a guide, a way to bring you back into things in case life gets busy… because let’s face it-life gets busy! Then, I’ll send you a questionnaire and we will decide on the perfect package of design, envelopes, and signage.

Step Three: Part A- Sketches/Mockups

ceindy's sketches for amber and scott's wedding invitations


Time for the fun part! I love sketching. It gets my ideas out on paper quickly and you get a good idea of what to choose from. Sketches for wedding invitations vary from 3-5, depending on how detailed your Pinterest board is. Sketches are a great time to tell me which direction you want me to head towards for your final, beautiful product. What if you don’t like any of the sketches? It’s best to let me know at this stage, so we can redirect the project to go where you want it to. ⠀

ceindy invite mockups


Sometimes, we skip Sketches and go straight into mock-ups. Typically I go that route if it involves a picture. It’s much easier to see how a photo would mock up with the design by using the actual photo. Mock-ups give a client a clearer picture of what they can expect. When we work on your project, let me know if there’s a particular route you would like to take.

Step Four: Finesse and Finish

Ceindy Doodles Danielle and Drew Invitation


We did the chat, we did the legal stuff, we started the fun stuff, and now is the final stretch! After the mock-up stage, it’s revisions from here on out. I will be adding details and finessing the best mock-up. You, as the client, get up to 3 revisions to tweak and perfect the first (or second) impression your guests will get of your wedding. I order the prints from a local printer and will prep all the invitations for you. I leave them unsealed, but ready for you to inspect, seal, stamp and mail!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s chat! Email me at ceindyton@gmail.com


Go After Dreams Featured Image

Go After Dreams, Not People Chalk Lettering Process

Hey there! It’s been quite awhile since I’ve last written a blog. This year, 2018, has been super crazy – and is anyone else feeling like it’s in 2x mode? No? Just me? Anyways, you’re here to learn more about the most recent chalkboard art I created that reads “Go After Dreams – Not People.”

Ceindy Doodles Go After Dreams Artwork

This quote was important to me because, for a very long time, I was always trying to please people. Whether it was my mom, dad, husband, child. I thought it was selfish to work on my ambitions and dreams when obviously, I have to take care of so many people and things. But this year after a crazy (still ongoing) situation that I found myself saying yes to, I’ve realized that I really need to learn how to put myself and my dreams first. I’m still a great daughter, wife, and mother, and I’m constantly working on my temperament and attitude, but I think I’m going in the best direction.

Anyways – enough self- realization! Here’s the process a great chalk lettering composition takes.

First, I did layout sketches in pencil.

Ceindy Doodles Sketches for Go After Dreams Not People

Then, I inked it so I can make sure I really liked how it looked. I inked these using Micron pens.

Sketch turned into an ink drawing

Finally, I worked on the chalkboard. The materials I used was a white chalk pencil to sketch, water and old t-shirt scraps to wipe/clean, and the Chalk Ink markers. I am still in the midst of working with different chalk markers to see which I like best.

I’ve uploaded a video to youtube that shows the process of the chalk lettering. The entire chalk process took about 30 minutes, granted this is with about an hour of sketching and inking beforehand. There was actually a messier sheet of sketches before that, as well. I also spent about 15 minutes after adding embellishments, working on the balance, etc. Here, the video is shortened to 4 minutes, with the whole process speeding up by 8x. I’m hoping to do these process videos at least once a month. Let me know if this is something you would be interested in by emailing me at ceindyton@gmail.com.


Love processes? Check out my blog post on a logo process.

iPad Pro

Me and My iPad Pro

What happens when you get Ceindy a Wawa White Chocolate Mocha in the afternoon? A Ceindy that’s blogging at 2 a.m. Oops. Anyways, the point of this blog is to ooo and ahhh over my new technological bff my iPad Pro. I’ve had it for a few months now and I’ve gotta say I LOVE IT!

Side note about the featured image – my son was watching me write I love my iPad and added in and my son. And who am I to disagree?

About a year ago, I was ANTI-IPAD for the LONGEST TIME. I thought it was an easy way out, it was going to take away the authenticity of lettering, it was bastardizing the soul of HAND lettering and I WAS NOT GOING TO FALL FOR IT. But then, I did. I fell for it, like the pizza at the end (okay, beginning) of the week. And I thought, just like that pizza, I would feel sick to my stomach after a few hours, and I did – because damn that’s a lot of money to drop on a tablet. But like that pizza, I got over it and still had to eat the cheesiest, biggest slice I can. Well, I guess I didn’t really because I didn’t get the 12-inch, but I did splurge on the newest 10.5-inch and the Apple Pencil, or as the grouchy Target cashier said, “$100 stylus.” No sir, it’s not a stylus – you can’t just use it anywhere (eye-roll).

So why do I love it so much?

UNDO! SCALE! REPOSITION! It’s like all the bad parts of hand-lettering made easier. Oops, your kid or dog bumped into you? You don’t have to rework those hours of marker work, just double tap and undo! Oops, you didn’t quite center it? Just select and drag it on over. Seriously, it’s cut my time working in half. Wanting to show a client color samples or better ideas of what their sketches will turn out as? BAM. DONE. My newest love for this tablet is how EASY it is to make my own letters become cut-outs, like one hundred times easier. (For example the piece below.)

CeindyDoodles Review Part 2

Here are the iPad Drawing and sketch.

iPad Lettering of Ceindy Doodle's Shall I Compare Thee 

But is the lettering on an iPad really HAND lettering?

Yes! Mostly. I’m still drawing all of the letters by hand. Yes, the brushes do help make the thicks and thins very smooth, but it’s with my own hand’s pressures that it is creating that specific look, thanks to that $100 stylus. And yes, there is some automatic smoothing on some of the brushes; I have mine at the juuust riiiight sweet spot for myself. But overall, it’s still many hours staring at a screen (which was what I was trying to deter from when I picked up lettering, how funny things get.)

Do I still letter with pencil and paper?

I still yearn for the authenticity of a good pencil-sketch. (In fact, I created a whole styled shoot invitation suite in graphite, all old school, almost no iPad magic at all. And can I just say, friggen gorgeous!) So, yes – I do still do many sketches in pencil, sometimes the ideas just fly out faster. And yes, I still work with a scanner and lightbox – but I seriously haven’t had all the spare time in the world to play with pens and ink and paint like I used to. There’s little setting up and cleaning up when it comes to an iPad drawing, so it’s hard to choose traditional mediums over the digital kind when you’re really pressed for time.

So there you have it, my new technological bff. I could probably go on for hours, but I think the coffee buzz is wearing down. Have questions about my process or iPad? Email me at ceindyton@gmail.com

P.S. Between me starting the blog and finishing it, I bought my mom an mp3 player… Online shopping at 2 a.m. was probably not the best idea…

P.P.S Between this blog post and creating an image for the blog post I set up my mom’s mp3 player and she LOVED it, so good job 2 a.m. Ceindy, good job.

Ceindy Doodles Year in Review 1

2017 Year in Review-Part One

Hello, ladies and gents of the internet. Is it really after Christmas already? Here are some of my favorite images from the extra-talented people I’ve worked with on Wedding Styled Shoots this year.

Ceindy Doodles Photoshoot with Andrew and Tianna Invitation

This absolutely lovely anniversary vow renewal was featured on Cake and Lace.

Vendors: Andrew and Tianna PhotographyThe Studio at Chelsea Commons, Jamie Leigh Events, Kathy Forrest Design, Rachel Bakes, Sarah Slade BeautyWaterford Event Rentals

Ceindy Doodles with Kristin Lorraine Photography Mermaid Photoshoot

I worked on this watercolor, mermaid-inspired styled shoot with Kristin Lorraine Photography. I loved working with the watercolors to create this, I don’t get to play with watercolors enough!

You can see the rest of the images on her blog here. 

VendorsKristin Lorraine Photography, LLC, Misty Saves The Day , Mermaid Sirena Sol & Michael MacMahon, Chic Unique Rentals and Events Beach Bridal Artistry ,  Whipped Up By MimiThe MernationDressology, Virginia Beach The Filthy Mermaid 

Ceindy Doodles with Katie Nesbitt Photography Styled Shoot

Absolutely loved working on this moody invitation for the Jewel-toned Styled Shoot featured on Equally Wed.

Also, does anyone know who Paul and Mary refer to? Triple kudos to you, if you do.

VendorsKatie Nesbitt Photography, As You Wish Weddings and Events, Paisley and Jade,  Ginger and Blooms, and SweetFix

Ceindy Doodles with Maria Grace Photography Photoshoot Invitation Ceindy Doodles with Maria Grace Photography Photoshoot Place Setting

This fantastic modern, grey and copper styled shoot featured on Every Last Detail.

This was one of my absolute favorites to work on. I loved being make to create copper place settings.

Vendors: The Chrysler Museum of Art ,  Maria Grace Photography,  Misty Saves the Day House of MayaStephanie Michelle Hair , Makeup by Kim PorterIsha Foss EventsDistinctive Event Rentals,  Mad Hatter VintageIncredible EdiblesEither Ore Jewelers Strawbridge, The Black Tux

Ceindy Doodles at iso:alt workshop place setting Ceindy Doodles at iso:alt workshop place card

It’s been a blast working with iso:alt this year. I was able to create unique pieces to help reflect the different workshop series. This one was for branding and social media, so it was branded teal and copper for the photographer, Dragon Studio.

Vendors: Sweetwater Cuisine, Dragon Studio, Misty Saves the Day, Milk & Honey Bride, Mad Hatter Vintage Rentals, Behind the Veil Studio, Graceful Designs, Anthropologie, Pier 1, Katherine Hallberg DesignWhipped Up By Mimi

Ceindy Doodles at iso:alt workshop place setting

This one was for lighting and I was able to work on glass place cards! How cool!

Matt Boozer Photography,  Virginia Beach Convention Center, Kathy Forrest Design, House of Maya Bridal, Blushing Brides VA, Either Ore Jewelers Strawbridge, Distinctive Event RentalsRachel Bakes, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond

Ceindy Doodles ISO:Alt Milk Way Photoshoot Invitations Ceindy Doodles ISO:Alt Milk Way Photoshoot Place Setting

Iso:alt also put on a Starry Night shoot and it was so. fricken. gorgeous.  

Vendors: Dragon StudioMisty Saves the Day, Behind the Veil StudioJennifer Linke, Jeilyne Santana, Either Ore Jewelers Strawbridge, Waterford Event Rentals, Fluttering Flowers, Kadi Bakes, Stage Right Lighting Weddings & Special Events, Ballou Sky, Jollity & Co., At Home, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target

Ceindy Doodles Milk and Honey COVA Photoshoot Invitations Ceindy Doodles Milk and Honey COVA Photoshoot Place Settings

And, did I tell you I got printed this year? What?! Yup, in Coastal Virginia Bride. See more images from the gorgoeous and bright shoot here. 

Did I mention I burned wood for those invites? Now, that was fun.

Vendors: Dragon Studio, Misty Saves the Day, Woman’s Club of Portsmouth, Milk & Honey Bride, Mystique Salon & Skin Spa, Black Iris Floral Events,

Kadi Bakes, Either Ore Jewelers Strawbridge, Katherine Hallberg Design, Brian Charles FilmsMad Hatter Vintage Rentals