Ceindy Doodles Amber and Scott Invitation

How to Order Custom Hand-Lettered Wedding Invitations

Your work was seriously my favorite part of the wedding ❤ Thank you so much for creating such beautiful stuff for us!

-Amber W.

Are you engaged? Are you dreaming about your wedding? Or maybe you’re just curious about what a custom job would take. This is the process when you’d like a custom wedding invitation suite from me.

Step One: Let’s chat.

ceindydoodles-stock-coffee and laptop

Tell me about your wedding, your kid(s), your puppy, whatever! We can chat over email, skype, phone, in person – however you find communication easiest. Not to be creepy, but this is basically our first date. You’ve stalked me on the internet, you’ve got your expectations, and now you’ll see if I can bring it.

Step Two: Timelines and Contracts


After you’ve decided that I’m a good fit for your special occasion, we work on that business-y, legal stuff. Here’s a secret, this part doesn’t suck. A part of me loves to have a set schedule to refer to; I enjoy crafting a timeline for my clients so they know what to expect, when to give me stuff by. I feel that the more organized I am, the better experience everyone will have. You will receive a quote, contract, and timeline that is very flexible. I like to forewarn people that although it may seem like a project might drag long, especially if there are holidays in between, not to worry! Timelines can be adjusted, and are often different in reality if the response speed is quicker than anticipated. Think of the timeline as a guide, a way to bring you back into things in case life gets busy… because let’s face it-life gets busy! Then, I’ll send you a questionnaire and we will decide on the perfect package of design, envelopes, and signage.

Step Three: Part A- Sketches/Mockups

ceindy's sketches for amber and scott's wedding invitations


Time for the fun part! I love sketching. It gets my ideas out on paper quickly and you get a good idea of what to choose from. Sketches for wedding invitations vary from 3-5, depending on how detailed your Pinterest board is. Sketches are a great time to tell me which direction you want me to head towards for your final, beautiful product. What if you don’t like any of the sketches? It’s best to let me know at this stage, so we can redirect the project to go where you want it to. ⠀

ceindy invite mockups


Sometimes, we skip Sketches and go straight into mock-ups. Typically I go that route if it involves a picture. It’s much easier to see how a photo would mock up with the design by using the actual photo. Mock-ups give a client a clearer picture of what they can expect. When we work on your project, let me know if there’s a particular route you would like to take.

Step Four: Finesse and Finish

Ceindy Doodles Danielle and Drew Invitation


We did the chat, we did the legal stuff, we started the fun stuff, and now is the final stretch! After the mock-up stage, it’s revisions from here on out. I will be adding details and finessing the best mock-up. You, as the client, get up to 3 revisions to tweak and perfect the first (or second) impression your guests will get of your wedding. I order the prints from a local printer and will prep all the invitations for you. I leave them unsealed, but ready for you to inspect, seal, stamp and mail!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s chat! Email me at ceindyton@gmail.com


Ceindy Doodles Year in Review 1

2017 Year in Review-Part One

Hello, ladies and gents of the internet. Is it really after Christmas already? Here are some of my favorite images from the extra-talented people I’ve worked with on Wedding Styled Shoots this year.

Ceindy Doodles Photoshoot with Andrew and Tianna Invitation

This absolutely lovely anniversary vow renewal was featured on Cake and Lace.

Vendors: Andrew and Tianna PhotographyThe Studio at Chelsea Commons, Jamie Leigh Events, Kathy Forrest Design, Rachel Bakes, Sarah Slade BeautyWaterford Event Rentals

Ceindy Doodles with Kristin Lorraine Photography Mermaid Photoshoot

I worked on this watercolor, mermaid-inspired styled shoot with Kristin Lorraine Photography. I loved working with the watercolors to create this, I don’t get to play with watercolors enough!

You can see the rest of the images on her blog here. 

VendorsKristin Lorraine Photography, LLC, Misty Saves The Day , Mermaid Sirena Sol & Michael MacMahon, Chic Unique Rentals and Events Beach Bridal Artistry ,  Whipped Up By MimiThe MernationDressology, Virginia Beach The Filthy Mermaid 

Ceindy Doodles with Katie Nesbitt Photography Styled Shoot

Absolutely loved working on this moody invitation for the Jewel-toned Styled Shoot featured on Equally Wed.

Also, does anyone know who Paul and Mary refer to? Triple kudos to you, if you do.

VendorsKatie Nesbitt Photography, As You Wish Weddings and Events, Paisley and Jade,  Ginger and Blooms, and SweetFix

Ceindy Doodles with Maria Grace Photography Photoshoot Invitation Ceindy Doodles with Maria Grace Photography Photoshoot Place Setting

This fantastic modern, grey and copper styled shoot featured on Every Last Detail.

This was one of my absolute favorites to work on. I loved being make to create copper place settings.

Vendors: The Chrysler Museum of Art ,  Maria Grace Photography,  Misty Saves the Day House of MayaStephanie Michelle Hair , Makeup by Kim PorterIsha Foss EventsDistinctive Event Rentals,  Mad Hatter VintageIncredible EdiblesEither Ore Jewelers Strawbridge, The Black Tux

Ceindy Doodles at iso:alt workshop place setting Ceindy Doodles at iso:alt workshop place card

It’s been a blast working with iso:alt this year. I was able to create unique pieces to help reflect the different workshop series. This one was for branding and social media, so it was branded teal and copper for the photographer, Dragon Studio.

Vendors: Sweetwater Cuisine, Dragon Studio, Misty Saves the Day, Milk & Honey Bride, Mad Hatter Vintage Rentals, Behind the Veil Studio, Graceful Designs, Anthropologie, Pier 1, Katherine Hallberg DesignWhipped Up By Mimi

Ceindy Doodles at iso:alt workshop place setting

This one was for lighting and I was able to work on glass place cards! How cool!

Matt Boozer Photography,  Virginia Beach Convention Center, Kathy Forrest Design, House of Maya Bridal, Blushing Brides VA, Either Ore Jewelers Strawbridge, Distinctive Event RentalsRachel Bakes, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond

Ceindy Doodles ISO:Alt Milk Way Photoshoot Invitations Ceindy Doodles ISO:Alt Milk Way Photoshoot Place Setting

Iso:alt also put on a Starry Night shoot and it was so. fricken. gorgeous.  

Vendors: Dragon StudioMisty Saves the Day, Behind the Veil StudioJennifer Linke, Jeilyne Santana, Either Ore Jewelers Strawbridge, Waterford Event Rentals, Fluttering Flowers, Kadi Bakes, Stage Right Lighting Weddings & Special Events, Ballou Sky, Jollity & Co., At Home, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target

Ceindy Doodles Milk and Honey COVA Photoshoot Invitations Ceindy Doodles Milk and Honey COVA Photoshoot Place Settings

And, did I tell you I got printed this year? What?! Yup, in Coastal Virginia Bride. See more images from the gorgoeous and bright shoot here. 

Did I mention I burned wood for those invites? Now, that was fun.

Vendors: Dragon Studio, Misty Saves the Day, Woman’s Club of Portsmouth, Milk & Honey Bride, Mystique Salon & Skin Spa, Black Iris Floral Events,

Kadi Bakes, Either Ore Jewelers Strawbridge, Katherine Hallberg Design, Brian Charles FilmsMad Hatter Vintage Rentals


Styled Shoot Feature: Boho Chic Styled Shoot

This Boho Chic Styled Shoot features beautiful brush lettering, beautiful linen paper, and watercolor backgrounds.

This styled shoot will always hold a special place in my heart because it was my very first ^_^ It’s awesome to see how much I’ve grown this past year.

Enjoy these beautiful photos from Andrew and Tianna! The vendor list is below.

Ceindy Doodles Envelope Calligraphy Wedding Invitation Styled Shoot Boho Style Ceindy Doodles Brush Calligraphy Wedding Invitation Styled Shoot Boho Style Ceindy Doodles Brush Calligraphy Wedding Invitation Styled Shoot Boho Style  Ceindy Doodles Brush Calligraphy Wedding Invitation Styled Shoot Boho Style Ceindy Doodles Brush Calligraphy Wedding Invitation Styled Shoot Boho Style Ceindy Doodles Gel Pen Lettering Wedding Invitation Styled Shoot Boho Style Ceindy Doodles Brush Calligraphy Wedding Invitation Styled Shoot Boho Style Ceindy Doodles Brush Calligraphy Wedding Invitation Styled Shoot Boho Style Ceindy Doodles Brush Calligraphy Wedding Invitation Styled Shoot Boho Style Ceindy Doodles Brush Calligraphy Wedding Invitation Styled Shoot Boho Style


“Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic.” Frida Kahlo

Thank you to these wonderful vendors!

Picture-takin’ Pros: Andrew and Tianna Photography
Coordinating Cool-Girl: Michelle Howry Events⠀
Stylin’ Sensation: Mad Hatter Vintage Rentals⠀
Va-va-voom Venue: Oyster Farm at Kings Creek
Featured on Let’s Wed Hampton Roads


Wedding Stationery Etiquette: What To Write On My Wedding Invitation?

Greetings earthlings. I am here to bestow upon you a new language, wedding stationery etiquette.

No, seriously – does anyone actually get this? I have to look it up A LOT when I am working on a styled shoot and the organizers give me free range on what to write. And I tend to stick with the same shtick. But no more, my friends.

Here’s how a traditional wedding invitation reads (for the most part)-

Mr. and Mrs. Stevens request the pleasure of your presence at the marriage of their daughter Jane Valerie Stevens to John Richard Jones …

Now, there is NOTHING wrong with that. AT ALL.(Sidenote – my momma told me that in the Asian culture – the boy’s family paid. Isn’t that interesting?) If that fits your wedding, then heck- GO FOR IT! It’s YOUR WEDDING, don’t let some girl with two-day hair, typing a blog post in her bed at 2 a.m. tell you what to do.

But here’s the fun part. Let’s do some digging up to find some witty and different inspiration for creative wedding stationery copy.


This is such a fun way to say we’re doing this thing and we are gonna have fun doing it!

Simple, to the point, and this card is cute, cute, cute! I love how casual it is and this stamp/ink look is so awesome.

Okay, so this is a little long – but I mean it’s definitely personal, and what’s more personal than two people sharing one of their most important days together?

Another long one – but it promises good beer and barbecue. I ain’t one for the beer, but the BBQ? Count me in.

I hope these very cute worded and designed cards bring you some inspiration (and me, too, honestly!) to think outside the box and have some fun for your big day! Wedding stationery etiquette, you don’t scare me 😛

*These invitations WERE NOT designed by me. Please click on the images for where I found them. 

CeindyDoodles-NewYearsEve Soiree

In The Process: New Years Eve Custom Invitation

Hey guys and gals! As a designer, I love seeing the behind-the-scene processes of other designers. So, I thought I would give you a glimpse of what it’s like to work with me on a custom invitation.

First off, there’s sketches.

A ton of them. And, no- I don’t share most of them. Typically I will share 2-3 of the best sketches, but with this New Years Eve Invitation, my first sketch was a winner!

Small, Quick Sketches

These small sketches was to see what style I wanted the main lettering component to be.


Sketch I showed the client:

Sketches-Final-NYW Soiree-CeindyDoodles


Then, I go to digitizing.

This project was particularly special to me because of my own challenges to digitize the lettering using a different method. Aside from live-tracing, which I use for most of my scripts, there’s also a method of drawing the shapes of the letters by using strokes and the pen tool in Illustrator. This method creates strong uniform letters as well as clear lines. It makes the lettering look more mechanical, as if it could be a font. I think this style was better suited for this invitation, because the examples the client showed me were of a elegant, sophisticated, and fun.

Here’s the outlined version showing different shapes and strokes to draw the words New Years Eve Soiree.



I decided to pair my lettering with a beautiful script font and a little bit curly san-serif, that worked great together with the style of lettering.

After that, finalizing the digital letters.

I outlined some strokes and combined, and cleaned up pen points to create the final lettering of “New Year’s Eve Soiree”


So, why do lettering if it’s just going to look like a font?

Well, do you see the flourishes on the N, Y, E, R, and how the A becomes the crossbar in the first E in Soiree? That’s what custom lettering gives you.


Lettering gives opportunities to make display text special and have an air of je ne sais quoi. Not a lot of people will recognize it, but it’s a feeling that lettering offers a person that’s made it become so popular again.


Need your invitations to have a little special something? Let’s see if we can work together to make awesome stuff.


Simple Nautical Tie the Knot Invitations

I had a lovely opportunity to work with Amanda and Matt for their special day. The wedding invitation designed for them was based on a theme of “tie the knot” in a casual formal vibe. When Amanda contacted me about their wedding, she described the decorations of burlap, sea glass, rope, chalkboards, and drift wood. From that, and a pinterest board we shared, I came up with several sketches for them to choose from.


Alanna’s Wine Tasting Die-Cut Invitation

This has been a long time coming to share this invitation.

Well Ceindy, what took you so long? “Uhhhhhh, Arik?”

This invitation was for my dear friend and fellow designer, Alanna. I was also a bridesmaid for this party and got to put together this awesome and fun invitation for her bachelorette party. We decided to go wine tasting to three separate vineyards in Charlottesville. This invitation was cut and assembled by hand.