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Go After Dreams, Not People Chalk Lettering Process

Hey there! It’s been quite awhile since I’ve last written a blog. This year, 2018, has been super crazy – and is anyone else feeling like it’s in 2x mode? No? Just me? Anyways, you’re here to learn more about the most recent chalkboard art I created that reads “Go After Dreams – Not People.”

Ceindy Doodles Go After Dreams Artwork

This quote was important to me because, for a very long time, I was always trying to please people. Whether it was my mom, dad, husband, child. I thought it was selfish to work on my ambitions and dreams when obviously, I have to take care of so many people and things. But this year after a crazy (still ongoing) situation that I found myself saying yes to, I’ve realized that I really need to learn how to put myself and my dreams first. I’m still a great daughter, wife, and mother, and I’m constantly working on my temperament and attitude, but I think I’m going in the best direction.

Anyways – enough self- realization! Here’s the process a great chalk lettering composition takes.

First, I did layout sketches in pencil.

Ceindy Doodles Sketches for Go After Dreams Not People

Then, I inked it so I can make sure I really liked how it looked. I inked these using Micron pens.

Sketch turned into an ink drawing

Finally, I worked on the chalkboard. The materials I used was a white chalk pencil to sketch, water and old t-shirt scraps to wipe/clean, and the Chalk Ink markers. I am still in the midst of working with different chalk markers to see which I like best.

I’ve uploaded a video to youtube that shows the process of the chalk lettering. The entire chalk process took about 30 minutes, granted this is with about an hour of sketching and inking beforehand. There was actually a messier sheet of sketches before that, as well. I also spent about 15 minutes after adding embellishments, working on the balance, etc. Here, the video is shortened to 4 minutes, with the whole process speeding up by 8x. I’m hoping to do these process videos at least once a month. Let me know if this is something you would be interested in by emailing me at ceindyton@gmail.com.


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