Goodbye To 2019

It’s that time of year where everyone does a 2019 Year In Review. So here’s me, hopping on that wagon. This year has been quite a whirl, but after 2018, it felt like such a calm whirl.

Let’s get the personal stuff out of the way:

The Adults

  • Ryan is now working for Eastern Trucks and Accessories and we are happy he doesn’t have to work and live part time in Richmond anymore.
  • I’m still full-time at Red Chalk Studios and in March it will be 4 years!
  • I had my first ER visit for myself after a mysterious allergy reaction. I’m hoping to pay off those bills and then I’m going to see what I’m allergic to next year, Doc says it’s possibly shrimp – I’m freakin’ praying it’s not.

The Kiddo

  • Arik is in the second grade, he’s super energetic and smart and stubborn.
  • We got his asthma and allergies under a bit of a better control, so YAY!

Creature Count

  • Currently we have
    • Sadie, german shepherd
    • Oreo, pittie mix
    • Toothless, black and white argentine tegu
    • Squiggles, ball python
    • Resident Box Turtles
  • Roomates
    • Rio, boxer mix
    • Sabrina, red-tail boa

Feel free to come over, our petting zoo hours vary, text me.

Camp Occoneechee Catfish and Lettering

The Trips

  • We went back to Occoneechee to camp and it was so much fun. Ryan caught his biggest catfish ever and if you ask him about it, he’ll gladly talk about it. 
  • Took a small road trip to DC with Arik and my mother, it was my first time doing some of the touristy things and it was just so much fun.
  • For our anniversary, Ryan and I spent a day at Merchants Millpond State Park and it was so awesome. We’d like to go back one day and canoe out to a camping spot and stay for the night.

2020 For Us Means…

  • Ryan’s sister has been living with us since the summer and she’s expecting her baby early February! I’m pretty excited to have a lil bebe to love on but nervous because it’s been 7 years since Arik was that tiny.
  • We are also hoping to renovate the floors downstairs, so here’s to hoping we can save some money! 

So that’s us! We’re getting ready for another big change in our home, but for 2019 it was a year of small changes and trying our best to take care of ourselves.

Business side of things

If there was a theme for Ceindy Doodles this year, I think it would be that I am still throwing a lot of darts and not sure what’s hitting the target.

At the end of 2018, I said I needed to “just do the big things”… I don’t think I did that. And honestly that’s okay. I’ve always had a need to do all the things and I’m not going to beat myself up because that’s a waste of my joy (imagine me smiling but still internally worrying and beating myself up). 

Photo by Yours Truly Portraiture

I was able to try a lot of new things. I had a lot of random lettering work this year, from lettering on a jacket to painting a fence. I did a lot less styled shoots and weddings, but started adding some illustrations and graphic design into the mix. And instead of closing down my threadless artist shop, I added more designs and started pushing it a bit more. 

Basically homegirl can’t sit still.


Goal reached: Launching Crafted Notes! Although we’ve slowed down dramatically, it was still a rush to get it started. We have some home decor signs for sale in a local artisan shop, Stencil and Knot and I was able to put together an e-commerce site for us as well! However, it was too much to expect us to be able to turn around another side hustle, so we plan on picking it back up at our own speed. 

Goal reached: Serving 12 small businesses with either lettering or graphic design needs. 

Thank you to VIP Barbershop, Lolly’s, Jollity & Co., Torch Yoga, Dimples and the Blonde, Salazar Lane, Yours Truly Portraiture, Sage Kitchen (through Red Chalk Studios), RowdyDow BBQ, Stencil and Knot, and DJ West. I also continually serve Realtor Jennifer Gartrell and designed a digital invitation for new Pacifica Head Chef Josh Llyod. Thank you all for trusting me with your business and allowing me to show off my skills for you!

And a special thank you to NEST Kitchen & Taphouse for allowing me to update their chalkboard for more than 6 months. It’s just the best feeling to go in and make something look better and better each time. I’ve been able to grow so much working on this chalkboard and I’m really hoping to find more restaurants who would love to work with me like this. 


I missed my personal project and pipe dream goals. MAINLY because I SUCK at pursuing big things like this. Anyone feel like well, you can’t fail if you don’t try? That was me always. this year. 

I also missed my goal of wedding signages, but the two weddings I was a part of had the best brides I could possibly work with, so I don’t feel like it was miss or a loss. I’ve also felt so lucky to always have such wonderful brides to work with and this year was no different.

And we’re not going to dwell on this, we’re just going to learn to move forward. (Again internally upset, but my insides will need to catch up to my positiveness eventually.)

So that’s basically my year in review.

My hopes for 2020

I have a lot I’m holding close to my chest. But let’s just say, my mission for 2020 is “BOLD NEW WAY.”

I’m ready for ya 2020, let’s do the damn thing.

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