Mid-Year Check-In

Here I go trying to fit in my July blog post a week before July ends… Is summer kicking anyone else’s ass? I’ve been dealing with so many random factors everyday that I actually miss doing the good ol’ school bus, pickup, dinner routine. But, as the title reads, it’s time for a mid-year check-in.

2019 Goals Check In

  • Wedding Signage Goal: 10 | As of 7/24/2019: 1
  • Small Business Goal: 6 | As of 7/24/2019: 9 🎉
    Thank you so much – VIP Barbershop, Lolly’s, Nest Kitchen and Taphouse, Jollity & Co., Torch Yoga, Dimples and the Blonde, Salazar Lane, Yours Truly Portraiture, and Sage Kitchen (through Red Chalk Studios.)
  • UPDATED Small Business Goal: 12
    Ceindy Doodles at Torch Yoga, VIP Barbershop, Sage Kitchen
  • Pipe Dream Goal: 1 magazine cover, spread, or book cover | NEED TO PURSUE
    I haven’t even reached out to local editors. This is officially on my to-do list.
  • Personal Project Goal: 1 | Sigh, I can’t seem to pick a topic to stick with….
  • Crafted Notes Goal: 5 by summer launch | As of 7/24/2019: 3
    Okay, so I’m 100% allowed to extend this 5 to the end of summer. But! We did launch Crafted Notes on our five-year anniversary! We would love it if you follow us on Instagram or Facebook.


So, it looks like I still have a ton to do for the rest of 2019, so less chit-chat and more lettering! If you’re interested in working with me or just want to chat goals – email me at ceindyton@gmail.com.


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