Captivating Guide for Third Graders

The Green Learning Guide is a workbook for third-grade students in the Hampton Roads area. The creative direction was to base the cover on the previous edition, but my co-worker and I were free to design the other spreads as we wanted. We did have a lot of information to work with, but we kept the graphics engaging and a lot of fun. I was assigned to design the cover, and a few spreads.

Green Learning Guide Cover with chalk illustrations

For the cover, it was difficult to find matching stock images to portray all of’s initiatives. Using the Procreate app on the IPad Pro, I illustrated all of these chalk, child-like characters and added color digitally in Adobe Photoshop. 

Page Layout Designs

These two spreads were designed with clarity and playfulness in mind. We wanted children to engage and find the workbook to a resource and fun to fill out. There was a lot of information to arrange, but I kept it as interactive and interesting as possible for the kids. Most of these are stock vector files with minor manipulation when needed to make sure the styles matched the page.

layout design for water cycle


Graphic Designer




Red Chalk Studios