Brand Refresh

Belmont Peanuts is a local family farm who worked with Red Chalk Studios and was one of my clients since I started there. Among the various projects, I designed many new labels, a new logo, display and print projects and also helped with product photography.

belmont peanut label redesign

With the chance to redesign the Classic Collection label, we decided to refresh the brand. On this label, we worked together with the client to create a clean, fresh, and sophisticated design. I redrew a lot of the elements on the stock peanut plant to show healthy delicious peanuts. 

Other Label Collections

Deli Menu Design

Belmont Menu TriFold Front

Background Display

20″x30″ display for conventions to announce a new  line of fresh and simple flavors

Belmont Background Display Design


Graphic Designer

Illustrator and Photographer, when needed


Belmont Peanuts


Red Chalk Studios