HelloLovely Bookish Food Pun Illustrations

Becca from¬†Hello Lovely, came to me and asked for bookish food pun illustrations for her merchandise. Hello Lovely is a subscription box and bookish merchandise shop. I decided that a clean line art would be the best bet for her usual t-shirt design, with the smaller sized illustration. We couldn’t stop and worked on eight lovely illustrations!

Digital Illustrations

This series was made into t-shirts, bookmarks, chapsticks, mugs and more. It was a lot of fun to work on a charming collection of two of my favorite things, food and reading! I loved the delicate line work, different banners, and food illustrations, especially the artichokes in love.

I added some colors to the illustration for display purposes, but Becca has free range on how to use her illustrations, as you can see in the product images above.

brew strong books long illustration ceindydoodles and hellolovely
Illustrations of bookish food puns
Bookish Food Puns
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