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"I have gone years with a logo I did not love because I'm a perfectionist artist... but I knew for several years if I was to let anyone design for me it would be Ceindy. She was open and receptive to my ideas and input, but also structured and professional enough to guide me towards the perfect design. I had a dream in my mind of all the things I loved and wanted... but knew it was asking a LOT with different elements, and yet, I got more than I asked for. I was literally speechless and teary eyed seeing my brand staring back at me when Ceindy sent me proofs. I would have never fully found the identity I was hoping for without Ceindy Doodles. Hire her. Do not hesitate. You absolutely will not regret the time spent working with her, or the impeccable one of a kind art you come out of this incredible experience with."

Kadi wanted the new Kadi Bakes logo to be cleaner and “more grown up.” For me, I wanted to improve upon the readability and include a hand-illustrated emblem that Kadi could own and use as she grows her business. Kadi uses a lot of organic ingredients, like honey from her very own bees. I wanted to include these details into a charming emblem and tell the story of her business.

Before and After Kadi Bakes

Logo Creation Process

Kadi Bakes Sketches

I begin with research, word listing, emblem sketches, type exploration and results in the first presentation of concepts.

The word list and sketches were started in my sketchbook. Kadi really wanted flowers incorporated into her logo, but did not want it to look like a florist’s logo. So, the flowers had to be more of a secondary feature, while baking should be most prominent.

I believe it’s so important to show logos in action and on merchandise that’s applicable. Examples of bakery boxes and apron help the client visualize how the logos would work in the real world.

OMG I LOOOOOOOVE it. … I honestly love it all, [the bee concept] hits me so hard and it’s just amazing.

Kadi S, Kadi Bakes

A clean frame of a tiered cake with attention to details. 

The bee and florals catch your eye, but because of the cake frame and the company name, you won’t be able to miss that it’s all about the sweets. Since the florals are so intricate, I left the top of the cake to have more air in order give your eye a break. This creates a balanced feel, even though the design is pretty bottom heavy. The type living at the bottom gives the logo a finished look. We also updated it to say custom cakes and desserts because we don’t need a special event for something sweet.

Kadi Bakes Final Logo

Responsive Version

Due to the details in this logo, there is also a smaller version that is less detailed, and can be used in smaller spaces. Taking out some of the detail helps her logo from looking too mucky or cluttered in small spaces.

Think smaller iconography, smaller merchandise like pens or wooden spoons, or if she ever wanted something small printed. Something this size can be used as her email signature, too. 

Responsive logos are less of a luxury and more of an essential need as we move forward in the digital space. 


Kadi Bakes Small Logo

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