Clear Those Storm Drains asked Red Chalk Studios to create a campaign around good-for-the-environment and storm drains lawn care tips. We decided on a chalkboard look and style to give it an educational feel.

Don’t let the rhyming fool you, this video is an instructional video on how to care for your lawns in order to keep our stormwater healthy. We added in local wildlife, like a heron and blue crab to show connections with how clean stormwater effects the environment and animals.

The process included approval by the stormwater committee, working with storyboard and style boards, illustrating and lettering in Procreate, and animations in After Effects.

Digital Chalk Illustrations

Heron drawn by Ceindy Doodles
Blue crab illustrated by Ceindy Doodles
Drain Chalk drawing by Ceindy Doodles
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