Strong Not Sorry Business Black Card

Strong Not Sorry – Logo for Personal Trainer Aubrey Mester-Webb

I was so excited to work on Aubrey’s new logo and business card for her business Strong Not Sorry.

My favorite part about working on this logo was Aubrey. She’s a personal trainer, a power lifter, and an avid Starbucks drinker. She’s amazingly strong in every way and she motivates others to not only exercise and lose weight, but to find inner confidence. Her work as a personal trainer is customizable for anyone, a newbie beginner or someone who’s been working out for a long time. Also, she taught me how to pick my dirt bike up when I fall (which is very often)- now that is seriously priceless.

I wanted to create a logo that represented this confident woman who made working out fun and approachable.

The Strong Not Sorry logo-making process took a few steps.

We start with sketches.

I basically draw the words Strong Not Sorry as many different ways as possible (the sketches shown are my favorite ones). Aubrey chose two at this point to explore further.

Ceindy Doodles-Strong Not Sorry Sketches

Next, we took it to refined sketches.

My first exploration, using tracing paper to try a lot of different variations.

Ceindy Doodles-Strong Not Sorry Sketches

These are marker sketches to show the client.

Ceindy Doodles-Strong Not Sorry Sketches

The final step in the Strong not Sorry logo were the colors and digitizing.

Her previous business card was purple and black and she really loved that color. I decided to punch it up with some neon green, to create a friendly, spunky, and fun color scheme.

Then we took it a step further and applied this new, awesome logo to business cards.

Ceindy Doodles Hand Lettered Logo and Business Card for Strong Not Sorry

Lastly, we worked on a flyer to promote her personal training program.

Ceindy Doodles Hand Lettered Logo - Strong Not Sorry-Flyer

What the client had to say-

Ceindy made me the most badass business cards! I came to her wanting a revamp to my original cards that were made at a local print shop… she listened and was able to create the perfect card… I never could’ve imagined and created on my own! I wanted something softer, fresh and funky, and she killed it. I will recommend Ceindy Doodles to anyone who wants custom lettering or logos!

Everyone who sees my new cards comments on how cool they are…and they ARE fabulous!
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