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Lettering on Acrylic

Hello internet friends! I made my first youtube video where I’m actually talking in it! If you’re not interested in watching that but, still want the lowdown on lettering on acrylic – let’s get to it.

Why Lettering on Acrylic?

I love the look of lettering on acrylic. It looks very modern and chic and I love the ability to paint the different colors. I also love the sheen and semi gloss of the acrylic sheet and look of the layers.


Supplies Needed for Lettering on Acrylic

Here are the things you’ll need:

  • Your artwork (it can be a sketch if you’d like)
  • Acrylic Sheet (you can find these in hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s)
  • Oil-based paint pens (I like to have different points – extra-fine, fine, and medium)
  • Rubbing Alchohol (this helps you to clean off that paint pen)

Tips on Lettering on Acrylic

After centering the sketch and/or design under the acrylic, I basically trace what I need. Some tips to work on the slippery surface and with paint pens:

  • If you need more than one stroke on your thick lines, draw them immediately. If you allow the oil paint to dry, it will become tacky and it will streak instead of adding on to the stroke.
  • Make sure you blot your marker well and have a place to blot it out. If you watch the video, you’ll see that even my marker will overflow. Don’t worry! That’s where the alcohol comes in. You can get a handy dandy spray bottle kind at any pharmacy 😉 Spray some/ soak some on a paper towel and wipe away.

Want more lettering tips? Check out my blog post for beginner lettering tips.

Painting the Back of the Acrylic

The most important thing to remember when painting the back of your acrylic sign is that you have to paint backwards. First, I painted the stars, and then the colors peeking through the black along with the black streaks. To bring in more color, I layered the back with more color and they shined through some of the lighter areas on the acrylic. Using acrylic paints is helpful with the drying time, and since it’s big blocks of color, the chance of the paint getting scratched off is low.

Daring Adventure-Finished-CeindyDoodles

Have any questions or want to talk more about lettering or crafts? Email me at ceindyton@gmail.com. I’d love to chat!

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February ABC

Hey there! I actually messed up and used the wrong tool this month, but that’s okay ^_^

I had a very fun month of using the Pentel Aquash waterbrush. I used it along with the Artist’s Loft brand watercolors that can be found at Michael’s for approximately $5.00. It was a lot of fun, but I still needed to get used to the flexibility and almost unpredictability of the brush.