Life Update

September 2016 Update

It’s crazy that an entire month has passed! Things I have learned this month include:

  1. I really stink at self-control.
  2. I try to do too much.
  3. I should enjoy being bored once in awhile.

So of course, my ABC did not get done. My sketching for the shop, did not get done. Good goly Ceindy – what the heck DID you do?

  1. Worked with clients
  2. Worked on a Styled Shoot
  3. Got beautiful headshots done by Rowlands Photography.
  4. Watched WAY too much Gilmore Girls

Oh, and also Ryan and I bought a house O.O

So, yeah. I need to figure out some organization and life goals. fast- any tips?


August 2016 Life Update!

Ai-ya! (Very common phrase in Chinese households that is similar to Oh Shiiii…) I am so sorry. It has taken me a few months to take a break and think about this whole Ceindy Doodles business. Thoughts like, “How committed do I want to be?” “Do you REALLY think you can make time for this?” “Sleep vs. Lettering” and round and round I went. What really pushed me back into it was this new website. I had already paid for the new hosting. I had already started to shift my blog posts over (which the photos did not come over, and I was very slowly re-uploading and placing them all.) This new website was initially a “push myself to learn some wordpress” initiative. I got an AWESOME new day job, and a part of my new job was to use wordpress, so I needed to learn it, anyways – might as well build a new site.

Which, by the way, what do you think? Leave me a comment on what you like and don’t like!

In the process of building my site and looking at my images, my love to letter and design things came rushing back to me… much like my adoration for Pokemon… but that’s another story.

Luckily, the design scope at work is pretty different from the Doodles scope, so I feel fulfilled and motivated in both ventures. Then…. we got a furbaby, who is the most hyper and adorable german shepherd ever. Her name is Lady Sadie. She is 7 months old, and boy is she everywhere – but look at those EAARRRSSSSS. Ceindy Doodles - Lady Sadie

So, with another mouth to feed, Ceindy Doodles starts again. Really, it’s not just about extra money. It’s about me saying, lettering is important to me. If I can make time for a puppy, which is not as important as lettering or my own business, then I should make time for my business. So I am putting my feet down and getting my shit straight.

It’s great being back ladies and gents! So, what’s the plan?

First off – I need to pick my 12 ABCs back up! Here is where I left off:

January – Sai Watercolor Pens with Ballpoint Pens for shadowing.
February – Calligraphy with a Nib
March – Watercolor Aquash Pen
April – Chalk
May – Wood Soldering Tool
June – Oil Sharpie on Mugs
July – Micron Pens
August – Rubber Cement as Masking Liquid
September – Etch Cream
October – Finger Paint
November – Quill
December – Crayons

So, that is not good my friend. I slacked off for 3 months! Here is the new plan, with new materials because some of these are either unreasonable or just uninteresting now.

August – Micron Pens (Why? Because I have been really into these again, and would love to expand on details and an opposite approach to the typical script brush lettering I’ve been dabbling into.)

September – Masking Liquid with Watercolors

October – Felt

November – Wood Soldering Tool

December – Crayons

Then, I will re-evaluate for the last 3. Follow me on sketchbook instagram to see my semi-daily lettering! I am also starting up a curated instagram account for the Ceindy Doodles biz, so that it’s more focused on finished work, and not so much about my process. You can follow that account here.

Also, if you are a strong #girlboss that needs a push in the tush, check out Think Creative and click on that blue chair that says “Spark Your Creativity.” It really helped me feel like, I’m pretty kick ass and I can do this.

Stay tuned! I’ve got some fun stuff coming ^_^