Goodbye To 2019

It’s that time of year where everyone does a 2019 Year In Review. So here’s me, hopping on that wagon. This year has been quite a whirl, but after 2018, it felt like such a calm whirl.

Let’s get the personal stuff out of the way:

The Adults

  • Ryan is now working for Eastern Trucks and Accessories and we are happy he doesn’t have to work and live part time in Richmond anymore.
  • I’m still full-time at Red Chalk Studios and in March it will be 4 years!
  • I had my first ER visit for myself after a mysterious allergy reaction. I’m hoping to pay off those bills and then I’m going to see what I’m allergic to next year, Doc says it’s possibly shrimp – I’m freakin’ praying it’s not.

The Kiddo

  • Arik is in the second grade, he’s super energetic and smart and stubborn.
  • We got his asthma and allergies under a bit of a better control, so YAY!

Creature Count

  • Currently we have
    • Sadie, german shepherd
    • Oreo, pittie mix
    • Toothless, black and white argentine tegu
    • Squiggles, ball python
    • Resident Box Turtles
  • Roomates
    • Rio, boxer mix
    • Sabrina, red-tail boa

Feel free to come over, our petting zoo hours vary, text me.

Camp Occoneechee Catfish and Lettering

The Trips

  • We went back to Occoneechee to camp and it was so much fun. Ryan caught his biggest catfish ever and if you ask him about it, he’ll gladly talk about it. 
  • Took a small road trip to DC with Arik and my mother, it was my first time doing some of the touristy things and it was just so much fun.
  • For our anniversary, Ryan and I spent a day at Merchants Millpond State Park and it was so awesome. We’d like to go back one day and canoe out to a camping spot and stay for the night.

2020 For Us Means…

  • Ryan’s sister has been living with us since the summer and she’s expecting her baby early February! I’m pretty excited to have a lil bebe to love on but nervous because it’s been 7 years since Arik was that tiny.
  • We are also hoping to renovate the floors downstairs, so here’s to hoping we can save some money! 

So that’s us! We’re getting ready for another big change in our home, but for 2019 it was a year of small changes and trying our best to take care of ourselves.

Business side of things

If there was a theme for Ceindy Doodles this year, I think it would be that I am still throwing a lot of darts and not sure what’s hitting the target.

At the end of 2018, I said I needed to “just do the big things”… I don’t think I did that. And honestly that’s okay. I’ve always had a need to do all the things and I’m not going to beat myself up because that’s a waste of my joy (imagine me smiling but still internally worrying and beating myself up). 

Photo by Yours Truly Portraiture

I was able to try a lot of new things. I had a lot of random lettering work this year, from lettering on a jacket to painting a fence. I did a lot less styled shoots and weddings, but started adding some illustrations and graphic design into the mix. And instead of closing down my threadless artist shop, I added more designs and started pushing it a bit more. 

Basically homegirl can’t sit still.


Goal reached: Launching Crafted Notes! Although we’ve slowed down dramatically, it was still a rush to get it started. We have some home decor signs for sale in a local artisan shop, Stencil and Knot and I was able to put together an e-commerce site for us as well! However, it was too much to expect us to be able to turn around another side hustle, so we plan on picking it back up at our own speed. 

Goal reached: Serving 12 small businesses with either lettering or graphic design needs. 

Thank you to VIP Barbershop, Lolly’s, Jollity & Co., Torch Yoga, Dimples and the Blonde, Salazar Lane, Yours Truly Portraiture, Sage Kitchen (through Red Chalk Studios), RowdyDow BBQ, Stencil and Knot, and DJ West. I also continually serve Realtor Jennifer Gartrell and designed a digital invitation for new Pacifica Head Chef Josh Llyod. Thank you all for trusting me with your business and allowing me to show off my skills for you!

And a special thank you to NEST Kitchen & Taphouse for allowing me to update their chalkboard for more than 6 months. It’s just the best feeling to go in and make something look better and better each time. I’ve been able to grow so much working on this chalkboard and I’m really hoping to find more restaurants who would love to work with me like this. 


I missed my personal project and pipe dream goals. MAINLY because I SUCK at pursuing big things like this. Anyone feel like well, you can’t fail if you don’t try? That was me always. this year. 

I also missed my goal of wedding signages, but the two weddings I was a part of had the best brides I could possibly work with, so I don’t feel like it was miss or a loss. I’ve also felt so lucky to always have such wonderful brides to work with and this year was no different.

And we’re not going to dwell on this, we’re just going to learn to move forward. (Again internally upset, but my insides will need to catch up to my positiveness eventually.)

So that’s basically my year in review.

My hopes for 2020

I have a lot I’m holding close to my chest. But let’s just say, my mission for 2020 is “BOLD NEW WAY.”

I’m ready for ya 2020, let’s do the damn thing.


Mid-Year Check-In

Here I go trying to fit in my July blog post a week before July ends… Is summer kicking anyone else’s ass? I’ve been dealing with so many random factors everyday that I actually miss doing the good ol’ school bus, pickup, dinner routine. But, as the title reads, it’s time for a mid-year check-in.

2019 Goals Check In

  • Wedding Signage Goal: 10 | As of 7/24/2019: 1
  • Small Business Goal: 6 | As of 7/24/2019: 9 🎉
    Thank you so much – VIP Barbershop, Lolly’s, Nest Kitchen and Taphouse, Jollity & Co., Torch Yoga, Dimples and the Blonde, Salazar Lane, Yours Truly Portraiture, and Sage Kitchen (through Red Chalk Studios.)
  • UPDATED Small Business Goal: 12
    Ceindy Doodles at Torch Yoga, VIP Barbershop, Sage Kitchen
  • Pipe Dream Goal: 1 magazine cover, spread, or book cover | NEED TO PURSUE
    I haven’t even reached out to local editors. This is officially on my to-do list.
  • Personal Project Goal: 1 | Sigh, I can’t seem to pick a topic to stick with….
  • Crafted Notes Goal: 5 by summer launch | As of 7/24/2019: 3
    Okay, so I’m 100% allowed to extend this 5 to the end of summer. But! We did launch Crafted Notes on our five-year anniversary! We would love it if you follow us on Instagram or Facebook.


So, it looks like I still have a ton to do for the rest of 2019, so less chit-chat and more lettering! If you’re interested in working with me or just want to chat goals – email me at ceindyton@gmail.com.


Ceindy at Creative South

My First Conference : Creative South 2019

Creative South 2019 was an amazing experience. I’m so super grateful to work for an agency that would send me to learn new things! First of all, all of the attendees were so nice! I think everyone was so friendly because we all have a passion for being creative. To keep this post short and sweet, here are some quick takeaways from the event.

Shy AF?

I know I am. In fact, I’m awkward, too – so it makes being shy even more understandable. Luckily I went with a coworker, so there was always someone to talk to. We are both – I’m not sure how to chime into new groups – people, so here was our trick. We approached mainly single persons. It was great because you could be more one-on-one or two, and your friend could think of other questions to fill any awkward silences. Another happenstance was one of the lettering artists I follow on Instagram posted she was there, so I messaged and said ME TOO, and we met up and talked for a while. I’d like to think everyone I met would chat with me again.

Ceindy at Creative South


You know I was going to talk about food, right? I was really stoked that there were parties and free AMAZING food. There’s nothing like being fed delicious local foods to make me happy. There was a food truck event where I saw the CUTEST shaved ice truck. They told me it’s a renovated horse trailer. I mean, HOW STINKIN’ CUTE IS THIS?! And, pizza parties are always awesome. My friend is allergic to peanuts, and there were some instances where we couldn’t eat in some spots. Ever since working with him, I’ve learned that places can be really ignorant of this common allergen and I wish people were more aware of it – mostly because I want those fried, crispy yums!

Shave Ice Truck

Speakers and Speeches

Dude, there were so many great speeches. I loved many of them and my favorites, if I could only pick three, were Jessica Hische (of course), Efdot, and Rob Zilla. I felt that their talks were memorable and had really awesome actionable ideas that anyone could apply to their Graphic Design career. I loved their presentation style, that they showed a lot of their work (both work in progress and final) and how open they were about their lives and work.

Here’s where I’m going to say something that not everyone will agree with – I wish there were more variety and depth in the speeches. There were a lot of speeches that talked about mental health and mindset – which are great reminders of who we should be. But I really wish there was more. We work in such a big field and I feel that a variety of talks about agency life, freelance life, working with different clients, negotiation tactics, furthering your career, where/what to do when you feel stagnant – topics like those are just as important.

As for depth, there was a great introduction to accessibility and inclusivity, but I wanted more. I wanted examples, I wanted actions, I wanted less intro stuff and to be more in depth. I’ve felt this way about other workshops and speeches. To put it brutally – I am an avid googler, tell me stuff that’s not on the first page of Google, please. On the flip side, I do know that some of those ideas could have been very new to people, so there is a time and a place for it, I just didn’t know I was walking into that place.

Ink Wars 2019 Left Side Ink Wars 2019 Right Side


Totes. I loved the conference experience and would totally do it again. I would totally splurge on a workshop, too. They had so many great little stations, like screen printing your own t-shirt and Ink Wars, the game theme was integrated throughout and everyone I met was truly enjoyable to be around. One thing I would not recommend, trying to walk miles in a new city at midnight. Just because it looks like home, doesn’t mean it is or that Google Maps will take you down the safe streets. Thank goodness for the active Uber community, they were worth every penny.

And Mother’s Day is next week!

Here’s a free digital download of a hand-lettered card for you in three colors—the black is for those with only b/w laserjet printers, like me! Just click on the color you’d like and it’s formatted for you to print out on a letter-sized sheet.

Ceindy Doodles Happy Mother Day in Blue Ceindy Doodles Happy Mother Day in Red Ceindy Doodles Happy Mother Day in Black



Business Year in Review for Ceindy Doodles

We’re going to do the year-in-review a bit differently for Ceindy Doodles this year. (Not that we have a tradition around here anyway.) We’re going to do it by numbers, because why not. After all, they are important to lettering, too.


This is the number of projects I recorded for 2018. I’m sure there’s some “I need this real quick” projects that were forgotten, but these are the ones I remember. I can’t believe it, that’s almost a project a week, which for a side hustle is a little crazy.


Things I learned in 2018 that I plan on carrying into 2019

  • Focus on one project a night, if possible. Block out your schedule.
    I started to block out my week (example:Monday was social media planning, Tuesday & Thursday was client work, Wednesday was personal or client work, Friday was movie night, Saturday was catch up, and Sunday was another catch up/admin day.) Now that I’ve been doing it for a while and even with the changes in our household, it’s easy for me to visually see where I have time to do what. It also helps to have a small calendar/planner so I don’t fill it up with things I can’t accomplish between 9pm-11pm.
  • To pursue what I want.
    Sometimes you just have to say something out to the universe and the universe will provide. Most likely, you need to write that email or walk your tush into a place and ask, “hey can I draw for you?” which is how I filled my family’s bellies with lots of Lolly’s ice cream. So hi, I’m Ceindy – I’m awkward – and I’m going to ask if I can draw letters for you.
  • To say no more often.
    I started saying no to projects that didn’t interest me and projects that I would have to stay up way too late to finish. I learned that I’m a really crappy person to be around when I don’t sleep enough and my family and friends deserve better than that.


Average hours of sleep a night. Maybe it’s 6. I should get some smart thing to calculate this for me, but on average I go to bed around 11-12 and wake up around 6:30 am. But there are a good amount of nights, like tonight, where I stay up past that. Like, waaaay past that.


Things I’m not doing in 2019

  • Etsy store – closed.
  • Threadless store – will be closing.
  • Custom Wedding Invitations – I have one couple and that’s going to be my only couple.
  • Styled Shoots.

Here’s the struggle I can’t repeat in 2019, spreading myself out too thin. Doing things for the sake of “maybe this will work” and not fully committing. I’m hoping to stop worrying about a lot of little things and just do the big things – and to do it right.


This may be overreacting, but this is the number of doubt I have in my head. I’m extremely self-critical and another BIG struggle of mine is imposter syndrome and low confidence. In fact, I have a blog post written about this and still have not posted it. Because, well, yeah.

Now some 2019 goal numbers


I’m doubling down on wedding signage this year. I did 5 last year, let’s see if I can get 10 in the books this year.


My goal is to help at least 6 businesses this year with lettering, design, or illustration needs.


This is my pipe dream for 2019. I want to get one lettering design of mine published either as a magazine cover, spread, or a book cover.  

If you’re thinking, wait a minute, you had 40 client projects in 2018 and you only have a goal for 17 this year…? I will still be working on other custom lettering projects and freelancing my graphic design skills. It’s just that these 17 are I’m pursuing. These are the new things I hope to do more of. Overall, I’d like to do around the same number or less since I will have less time this year to work due to our work situation.

Lastly, my personal projects.


My goal for Ceindy Doodles this year is to successfully create and fulfill myself with one personal project. I’m debating between 2 topics, our family’s journey to being debt free or the things that Arik says.


So this is the biggest thing. I want to come up with 5 of the best home decor signs. Ryan and I are starting a small project called “Crafted Notes.” We’re going to work together and launch this summer 5 really awesome designs for your home. It’s still in its’ beginning stages, but we are excited to make stuff together.




occoneechee state park

Twenty Eighteen, You’ve Been Kinda Mean (Personal: Part Two)

If you missed part one, you might want to start off there.

This year our immediate family grew a little.

Nope, not another kid. Actually, my mother-in-law moved in for a while. (With a very adorable in-its-own-way puppy.) You see, she was taking care of grandma and when grandma passed away, Ryan’s mom and sister needed a new place to stay. Ryan’s sister got married and it was a very cute wedding! And Ryan’s mom moved in with us.

morgan nunez wedding

Photos by Rebecca Burt Photography

I should say this – we get along. We’ve lived together before. And living with her is a lot easier than living with my own mother. But nevertheless, our house is small and after living with us for more than half the year, she’s decided to spend time traveling between her kids.

I think one of the hardest things with Ryan’s mom living here is that our house became the main house for visitors. For me, that can be really difficult since my home is my respite; it’s where I go to be comfortable and quiet and alone. (Arik and Ryan are the only people that I can stand when I go through my need alone time periods.) To come home from a full week of work, even work that I love, and see a full house made it really hard for me to relax.

Here’s what I learned from this:
  1. I love my alone time. I am irrational and terribly irritated when I don’t get it. To work on this, I warned everyone that at times, I’m going to close my door to my room. That way I can be by myself for a while. I’m not mad at anyone, I just want to be by myself.
  2. Grandmas spoil their grandchildren. Sometimes too much. Arik has mountains of stuffed animals now.
  3. I absolutely love my husband and would do anything for him.

Ryan with Fishing Pole

Speaking of Ryan, he now works in Richmond.

So, we have an apartment there and he spends 5 days there, 4 nights and 2 days here. It’s still a new thing and I’m still getting used to it all. The only thing I’ve learned from that is that I kind of hate it.

Also, this photo of him hating me for taking his photo is from our first camping trip ever. It was fantastic and definitely a win for 2018. We went to Occoneechee State Park and it was my very first time sleeping in a tent. It was my first time cooking on one of those fire grill things with firewood. It was so much fun. Sadie and I would go hiking and Arik and Ryan would go fishing. It was a blast.

occoneechee painting

What I learned from camping:
  1. Check what your 6-year-old is packing for camp. Because he only packed like 2 things and was incredibly bored; thank goodness it was a short trip.
  2. We were hoping that August would have been a good time to camp with Sadie, since the weather should have been cooler. We were kind of wrong.
  3. Our attempt to go without electricity and an air mattress was noble, but also not the best when you have a six-year-old and a dog with you.

occoneechee state park

Speaking of six-year-olds…

Arik was such a handful this year. Is there a such thing as “Sassy Six?” Because he’s got it bad.

All year long I’ve been battling the “bad mother” syndrome. I say that it’s a syndrome because it causes me to get depressive, angry, and I straight-up just want to sit in the bathroom and not deal with it. It sounds dramatic, but it gets dramatic and stressful when it’s the 5th battle of the day and it’s over the brushing of the teeth. It feels like an every. single. day. thing. I have the most persistent and stubborn child of all. He spent an entire day in an empty room rather than going to school. (Don’t worry he was fed and watched over.) He lost all of his toys and electronics. He finally earned them all back and on Christmas day, this boy told me he didn’t get that many presents this year. I blew up and put all his new toys in a tote and told him to think about what he said and how inconsiderate he’s been. He has since gotten his toys back, but damn kid… really?


What did I learn from this?
  1. I’m still learning this mothering thing.
  2. I may need to start drinking. (kidding.)
  3. But really, I learned that I need to make rules more clear and start acting like the person I want him to be. Which means, I should work less and be more present. Except all of his hobbies suck and mine are much better. I’m working on it…
  4. Lastly, I think I need to find a way to get some me time. Time where I’m not worried about my son, or husband, or dogs, or clients, or full-time-job work. or money. AGH money. If anyone has ideas on that, please let me know.

Some other things that also happened this year.

  • I traveled to Whistler, Canada for my cousin’s Katty wedding and saw some of the biggest mountains of my life. They were gorgeous and humbling and one day I’m going back to spend more time there.
  • We got to watch Nitro Circus this year. It was such a great experience for us to see crazy bike stunts.
  • Arik had his first ambulance ride and ER visit (he had pnemonia and low oxygen levels.)
  • We also visited the Nauticus for the first time and did many small family trips.

Needless to say, I didn’t take very great care of myself this year. I hope you come back to read the 2018 business update and goals for 2019!


ceindy doodles sketches

Twenty Eighteen, You’ve Been Kinda Mean (Personal: Part One)

Hey there whoever you may be and however you may have found this. It’s Ceindy with my 2018 Year in Review. I wish I had it more organized like last year’s part one and two, but let’s face it – this year was a monster for me. A beautiful magical monster, but at times it was unbearably a huge burden. So let’s just get into it.

It all started with a lot of hope. 

I even remembered my word of the year was self-care. This was supposed to be the year that I was going to get back in shape, I was going to care more about myself – maybe even remember to moisturize every day. Baby steps, right?

lettering of self care

Well, on January 6th, Ryan’s grandmother passed away.

It wasn’t a huge surprise, she wasn’t doing very well – it was getting hard. There were days when we were all convincing her that she was in her house and that no, no one came to move her house onto a different street. And to take her medicine. And no, I’m sorry but you can’t walk to the bathroom by yourself. So when she passed away, as terrible as we all felt, I was grateful that she was at peace. Then, it happened.

First, we need to rewind to an afternoon where I was at work and I got a call.

“Hey Ceindy, will you be my trustee? There’s no one else I trust to deal with my finances. And will you be grandma’s executor? You’ll be helping with dividing up the money.” At least this is how I remembered it. I said yes, because I was (and may still be) very much a yes man. Naive me, didn’t even take the time to look up “executor duties.”

So let’s fast forward to where I found out I was the sole executor, in the middle of a sibling rivalry, where of course, a lot of people thought I would favor my mother-in-law’s “side”.  The fact that there even were any sides is pretty lame. But I promised I would be unbiased because I take legalities really seriously and I wouldn’t go against the will.

Lettering of executor

To keep this brief and to respect my in-laws’ privacy, let’s just say many tearful conversations and weird, dramatic moments later, I am so happy to say I have filed the final accounting before Christmas. Being an executor is a mix of being a coordinator, an accountant, and at times, a therapist. I didn’t use a lawyer because the one who wrote the will rubbed me the wrong way and I felt that I was able to do this without one.

And I was. I was able to do this overwhelmingly huge task with the help of reaching out to others and by asking all the questions. One of my past brides is actually an estate accountant (and I also knew her from high school!) It was a miracle. Being an executor took up a lot of my mind-space and time. That meant less time on my own family and on Ceindy Doodles.

You know the real sucky thing about being the executor?

You don’t really get to grieve. You’re in charge of all these personal things and you have to be very professional about it. Everyone was greatly emotional and I was constantly just trying to figure it all out. Only recently, after nearly 12 months, have I been able to think, I miss that woman so much. 

My own grandparents passed away when I was really young, so I took on Ryan’s grandma like she was my own. I would sit in her room and talk to her about anything and everything. I would bake for her. I would bake and she would watch. I would clean out her tubberware cabinet and she would watch and scowl as I threw away mismatched plastic from the Chinese takeout place.

I believe in learning from all of life’s events and here’s what I learned from this:

  1. Look up what you’re agreeing to.
  2. Ask questions, don’t be afraid to look stupid.
  3. Check your numbers, like 3 times.
  4. Ask for help.

And this, this is not a new thing I’ve learned. But I think it’s important for me to say: Take the time to just sit and think about the person you miss. That way, they are still very much alive.

ceindy doodles lettering it's okay to not do everything

iPad Pro

Me and My iPad Pro

What happens when you get Ceindy a Wawa White Chocolate Mocha in the afternoon? A Ceindy that’s blogging at 2 a.m. Oops. Anyways, the point of this blog is to ooo and ahhh over my new technological bff my iPad Pro. I’ve had it for a few months now and I’ve gotta say I LOVE IT!

Side note about the featured image – my son was watching me write I love my iPad and added in and my son. And who am I to disagree?

About a year ago, I was ANTI-IPAD for the LONGEST TIME. I thought it was an easy way out, it was going to take away the authenticity of lettering, it was bastardizing the soul of HAND lettering and I WAS NOT GOING TO FALL FOR IT. But then, I did. I fell for it, like the pizza at the end (okay, beginning) of the week. And I thought, just like that pizza, I would feel sick to my stomach after a few hours, and I did – because damn that’s a lot of money to drop on a tablet. But like that pizza, I got over it and still had to eat the cheesiest, biggest slice I can. Well, I guess I didn’t really because I didn’t get the 12-inch, but I did splurge on the newest 10.5-inch and the Apple Pencil, or as the grouchy Target cashier said, “$100 stylus.” No sir, it’s not a stylus – you can’t just use it anywhere (eye-roll).

So why do I love it so much?

UNDO! SCALE! REPOSITION! It’s like all the bad parts of hand-lettering made easier. Oops, your kid or dog bumped into you? You don’t have to rework those hours of marker work, just double tap and undo! Oops, you didn’t quite center it? Just select and drag it on over. Seriously, it’s cut my time working in half. Wanting to show a client color samples or better ideas of what their sketches will turn out as? BAM. DONE. My newest love for this tablet is how EASY it is to make my own letters become cut-outs, like one hundred times easier. (For example the piece below.)

CeindyDoodles Review Part 2

Here are the iPad Drawing and sketch.

iPad Lettering of Ceindy Doodle's Shall I Compare Thee 

But is the lettering on an iPad really HAND lettering?

Yes! Mostly. I’m still drawing all of the letters by hand. Yes, the brushes do help make the thicks and thins very smooth, but it’s with my own hand’s pressures that it is creating that specific look, thanks to that $100 stylus. And yes, there is some automatic smoothing on some of the brushes; I have mine at the juuust riiiight sweet spot for myself. But overall, it’s still many hours staring at a screen (which was what I was trying to deter from when I picked up lettering, how funny things get.)

Do I still letter with pencil and paper?

I still yearn for the authenticity of a good pencil-sketch. (In fact, I created a whole styled shoot invitation suite in graphite, all old school, almost no iPad magic at all. And can I just say, friggen gorgeous!) So, yes – I do still do many sketches in pencil, sometimes the ideas just fly out faster. And yes, I still work with a scanner and lightbox – but I seriously haven’t had all the spare time in the world to play with pens and ink and paint like I used to. There’s little setting up and cleaning up when it comes to an iPad drawing, so it’s hard to choose traditional mediums over the digital kind when you’re really pressed for time.

So there you have it, my new technological bff. I could probably go on for hours, but I think the coffee buzz is wearing down. Have questions about my process or iPad? Email me at ceindyton@gmail.com

P.S. Between me starting the blog and finishing it, I bought my mom an mp3 player… Online shopping at 2 a.m. was probably not the best idea…

P.P.S Between this blog post and creating an image for the blog post I set up my mom’s mp3 player and she LOVED it, so good job 2 a.m. Ceindy, good job.

ceindy doodles - 27 things about ceindy

27 Things About Me

I’m pretty excited to turn 27, but it’s also really scary. I feel like there’s still so much to learn and so much to grow but adulting is exhausting! FOMO is strong some days, but nevertheless, I’m trying to live happily every day.

Here’s a quick, fun list of 27 things you may not know about me.

  1. English is my second language. My parents taught me Cantonese, and until I went to Kindergarten, that was my main language. I am not as fluent as I used to be, but I can still order my favorite foods because you know, priorities.
  2. I lived in New York for 12 years. And if you ever hear me say hot dog without thinking, it’s evident.
  3. I’m pretty blind. I’ve had glasses since I was five years old.  One of my eye doctors have told me that if I hurt one of my eyes, I could go blind. Thanks, doc.
  4. Folding clothes help me cope when I’m stressed. Whenever I’m going through something or I have to wait for a result, I redo my closet. The good thing is that I haven’t felt this way in awhile. The bad news is that my closet and dressers are a mess.
  5. I was born on Chinese New Year. So, it’s pretty easy to remember my lunar birthday. This year Chinese New Year falls on February 16, so double birthday week for me!
  6. My family in Vietnam has seen me three times. It’s always an interesting experience visiting family and seeing how a different culture lives. The food was magnificent.
  7. I am not a morning person. It takes me about an hour or so of being awake before I even like to speak.
  8. I am a sucker for romcoms and animated films. How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, Leap Year, Definitely Maybe, 13 Going on 30…  any Studio Ghibli and Pixar and yeah, all of that.
  9. But, I get love Ryan so I end up watching a lot of cop shows. NCIS, Criminal Minds, Bosch, SVU, currently he’s watching Longmire. White Collar is totally my jam, though.
  10. I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to alcohol. Most people turn pink when buzzed, I turn rashy.
  11. I like moving through crowds. I’m masterful at weaving through them, thanks to that city blood. I do not like being stuck in a crowd though, there’s a huge difference.
  12. Driving is not my forté. I won’t ever volunteer to drive. I will hand over my keys in a heartbeat. Which kind of sucks when you’re the adult who doesn’t drink alcohol.
  13. I’m messy. I love lists, I love the idea of organization, but I also like to have things within sight so I don’t forget about them.
  14. I’m deadly shy. I practice conversations in the shower. Just random ones to prepare me for situations.
  15. Let it rain! I love the rain. When I was younger, rainy days would energize me like 5 Mountain Dews. Now, only caffeine can.
  16. I love window shopping. I always feel extra inspired afterward.
  17. I still have pens from high school, because I don’t want to waste the ink. How lame, right?
  18. I go make-up free 90% of the time. Sleep and food > pretty.
  19. Spicy food is a no-no. Even the spicy chicken patty at school made my tongue burn. I will, however, try to eat mild wings every time, and every time I drink gallons of water.
  20. I could eat eggs, potatoes, rice, and noodles every day. and ice cream. Notice the lack of green on that list. Oh, and extra cheese pizza is pretty yum, too.
  21. I never had a salad until I was a teenager. Salads are not big in the Asian culture. I have always had vegetables with the broth we had every night, though.
  22. The beginning of projects is my favorite part. Seeing it through is the hardest part.
  23. I have a dirt bike. I’m still a total beginner, but I love it.
  24. I’m critical because I care. I always get pegged for being mean because I will always be honest about what I’m thinking. I think that’s why I stay quiet a lot.
  25. Is anyone still reading this? 27 is hella long… I should rethink this. I’m an overthinker.
  26. I love reading, but never make the time. I’m still stuck in YA books, I just love the ease of them.
  27. We made it! I love creating things. This is pretty obvious, but I think people forget that I do all of this side hustle stuff because I thoroughly enjoy it. I’m always down to make anything with my hands and to make the coolest things.

Cheers to 27 🎉 I’m gonna eat my Carvel cake now.

Life Update

Turning 26 Ain’t No Big Thang

This month I hit that yearly milestone of becoming a whole year older. I’ve broken that first quarter. And for some reason, this year I actually felt some sort of growth. Personally and professionally in the past year has been so great. I still cry when I get a cake and my father’s not around to see it, but I wasn’t a total mess this year. And here I am sitting on a Sunday morning, blogging about my own business, who would have thunk it?!

CeindyDoodles-Ceindy Birthday Young

[Insert very long sidenote about my father, that I will leave for the end of the blog post. In shorter words, my dad always wanted a business, and I think he’d be pretty proud of my side-hustle.]

What’s next for Ceindy Doodles, LLC you ask? (LLC- see that legitimacy right there😉😉)

I’m shifting my focus for 2017.

I need to redo my goals worksheet, because my initial goal is NOT flexible for our family and lifestyle. I’ve accepted that my life is different from my companions, and therefore financial success will take longer, failing forward will be more evident, and the stress of not hitting a financial goal is not worth it.

I will be at a the Chrysler Museum of Art Bridal Show in late March.

I can’t even express to you the gratitude of being referred to this event from the amazing Christen Alloco. The coordinator and I are still hashing out some details, but I think attendees are going to find a little reward at my table ^_^

Two words: Letter Better.

Coming Fall 2017.

What’s about for Ceindy Nunez, you ask?

I will be starting a personal project.

It’s been an overwhelmingly thoughtful month. I was on the fence about continuing in Ceindy Doodle’s efforts because parenting has been so difficult. Even now, I can’t finish one sentence without a slobbery toy on my keyboard…  It was starting to lose it’s purpose, which was to grow my lettering and design skills. You see, there’s two sides to this lettering business – one is the wedding stationery, signage, and modern calligraphy side. The other is a design and critical thinking side, which is the side I would really, really love to grow into. I find myself stuck in the middle – so I am really hoping that this personal side, side project will give me a strong leg to stand on in the designer world. I recognize that my side project will take longer to launch, but I think it’s very necessary, as well.

So in short: Ceindy Doodles, LLC – weddings and modern calligraphy. Ceindy Nunez, designer and letterer – personal side project to save the world. In between all that, wife, mother, daughter, house-cleaner, meal-maker, friend, etc. etc.

Now Sadie is sitting on and licking my right arm… 

Here is a list of projects I would love to complete this year:

  • Painted Lettering Wall Murals and Chalkboard Signage for Small Businesses
  • Branding using a Custom Lettering Approach
  • Editorial Lettering Pieces, including magazine spreads or covers, book cover designs

Now, I’m going to go play fetch with this dog before she starts typing the blog!


*My father always, ALWAYS, talked about starting his own business. Everyone on our street knew he helped out with little HVAC and electrical jobs for extra monies, but he never had a business card or an actual business plan. He really wanted to open a restaurant one day. He wanted to open a little store one day. What about a 7/11? He helped a buddy run a snow cone station for a festival (Katty and I had a lot of snow cones that day) and we had mountains of spoons and foam cups ever since. My mom still talks about how, “Your dad got so screwed. Yada-yada.” Sometimes I sit here and am so overwhelmingly proud that he’s passed on the entrepreneurial spirit to me and I wonder how he would have fared in this social media heavy business world. Like would he be blogging, or making me blog? Haha! I can see it now, “Ceindy- what is blog, what is SEO, you take care of it. I go make noodles. Everybody loves noodles.”





Open Letter to #mombosses

Hey there,

Are you tired? Have you been up since sunrise? Are you, maybe, sitting in your kid’s bed with your laptop typing out an open letter to fellow mom-bosses? Yeah, hi.

You probably haven’t showered 7 days straight since your child was born. (If you have, please tell me your secrets.)

You are most likely feeling mom-guilt because you are constantly on your phone or computer.

You are feeling more mom-guilt because you haven’t done a single pinterest-y thing all week.

You may be feeling like you are always, always, always behind.

You might even be feeling a little hater-ish about those entrepreneurs who don’t have kids. What do they know? Their biggest distraction doesn’t actually depend on you to feed, play, hold, love, bathe, socially adapt, emotionally develop, learn all the things, pay $50 billion to take to daycare, etc. etc. (Except, now that I am a puppy-mom, I totally think puppy-moms have about 85% of the same responsibilities, so I’ll give you that.)

Well, you are not alone.


You are so fucking amazing. 

It’s totally okay. It’s okay to feel these things, it’s okay to say no to some projects to say yes to your kid(s). It’s okay to drop them off at grandma’s even though, you know he doesn’t eat a proper meal there. It’s okay to put your phone in a whole other room (yes, I have so little self control. Sometimes, I just have him hide it.) It’s also okay to encourage playing minecraft on your husband’s computer so you can respond to emails.

Your kid(s) – still alive. Still love you. Because I bet you do so much more for them than you realize. Even though Arik was sad that I had to eat before playing with him (literally, he said that’s the evil mom version. My real mom always says yes to playing legos. I guess I get hangry) when I told him I would lay in his bed while he fell asleep, he was like shining with all the kid-love.

Your business- still alive. Still working. And if you take a little break, it’s really okay. Just think of it as working for yourself. Taking care of myself is a job, I often forget (read above about showers). But I’m starting to schedule that in. Some days, a goal is actually – wash your face with all the things.

If you ever need anyone to remind you that you are awesome, well just read this.

You got this. You rock. You, mom or even dad boss, are a superhero.