Spill the Tea

The Bridal Tea is a new subdivision of Heart’s Content Events and online talk show “spilling the tea” on all the questions one may have while wedding planning. Adrienne came to me with a request to try to make something fun and elegant that worked alongside her current wedding planning branding.

The Bridal Tea Logo

Oh my gosh!!! You SEE me!! This is it!! This is the one! As soon as I opened up the pdf I gasped! This is perfect! 

Adrienne R, Heart’s Content Events &


Emblem sketches after I made a word list and did imagery research.

Logo Process and Presentation

My logo creation process begins with research, word listing, emblem sketches, type exploration and results in the first presentation of concepts. I love to present concepts with real-life examples of how your logo will be used. In this case I showed Adrienne how it would look on swag and on a youtube header.

Logo Animation

We worked together to finalize the The Bridal Tea logo and then we proceeded on the animation and some fun social media graphics.

Adrienne loved the teapot, so we wanted to include it in the animation. After creating the teapot and pattern, we worked together to combine some typography animation with the actual pouring and spilling of the tea.




Social Media Graphics

The social media graphics was an exploration of ways to show off different elements, like the pattern, and I also wanted to give her an option that felt very bakery-esque to play up the theme of the tea.



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Logo Designer and Animator

Graphic Designer



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