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2019 Wedding Signage Trends I’m Excited About

The wedding season is well underway and I thought it would be fun to share some exciting wedding signage trends I’ve been seeing! We can’t ignore that mirrors, chalkboards, and wooden signs are still going to be very prevalent in weddings. However, I’m here to embrace these new mediums that are becoming more and more popular.

*Please note that not all of these examples are my own work.

Let’s start with my favorite – Acrylic!

I love these see-through beauties. I love it when they are painted on the back, too. They are sleek, modern, and brings such a great air of sophistication. Here’s an awesome table chart I lettered for a bride last year on these panels in the coolest frames.

Table Seating Acrylic Sign by Ceindy Doodles

Photographs from Sara & Brad’s Wedding at Ford’s Colony Country Club in Williamsburg, Virginia. Photography by Justin B. Hankins.

And here’s a dessert table sign for a styled shoot where I convinced my hubby to make a black block stand.

Dessert Table Sign by Ceindy Doodles

Will Hawkins Photography

Another trend I’ve been seeing are really slick sign holders.

You can go the rustic route with a wooden stand or even a more contemporary route with a painted block. I’ve also seen really modern metal ones which give me heart eyes all over, like the one below from Ink Love and Paper.


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Lastly, a trend that is slowly creeping in is fabric signs, more specifically fabric backdrops.

These are soft and romantic. When adorned with lettering, you’re sure to give your wedding an air of classical, modern, romance.

Here’s a total throwback to a Gilmore Girls styled shoot where was one of my first attempts.

Fabric Backdrop with Lettering by Ceindy Doodles
Caitlin Gerres Photography

But truly, these huge backdrops full of beautiful letters are to. die. for.



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Do we have the same heart eyes going on for these wedding signage trends? Find out more about my wedding signage services and I hope I get to make something dreamy for your wedding.


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