Ceindy Doodles on iPad Pro using Procreate

Favorite Procreate Brushes for Lettering and Illustration

About a year and a half ago I professed my love for my iPad Pro and the app Procreate. I am happy to report this love is still going strong and I see a bright future ahead for us. In case you’re still on the fence or you’ve been impressed by some of the lettering I’ve drawn on the iPad, here’s a list of my favorite procreate brushes.

For Sketching

Ceindy Doodles Procreate Sketch

When it comes to sketching, I like to use the Default 6B Pencil you find under the Sketching section. It acts just like a soft pencil and I love the romanticism of it as I try to sketch. I also like how dark it can get as I layer the sketch marks. Sometimes I’ll use this in the final drawing, but usually, I start off with this brush to help layout and get some ideas on the page.

For Digital Chalk Lettering + Illustrations

Ceindy Doodles Hello Chalk Lettering

Ian Barnard’s Chalk Dust kit is my absolute FAVORITE to use for digital chalk lettering. In the drawing above, I used this kit to create the background as well as the lettering. I think the look of these chalk brushes are so authentic and also very easy to use. This pack has a brush called “classic” and I love using it because it’s made more for drawing than for calligraphy (like the default brushes are made for.) If you don’t want to invest in this pack, the default Chalk and Shale brushes are great substitutes under Calligraphy. You can also use pencils in white to give the texture, too.

For Thick and Thin Script Lettering

Ceindy Doodles Fragile like a bomb

For this style of lettering, I use a customized version of the default Script brush under Calligraphy. When you double-tap on the brushes, you can move the toggles to create versions of brushes that work best for you and your style. I am still tweaking this one, but I think I’ve found the formula for this style. I love how smooth it is and how much easier it is for me to vectorize in illustrator.

For Fun Illustrations

Ceindy Doodles Illustration

My absolute GO-TO BRUSHES for illustration (and lettering, too to be honest) are my Bardot Brushes. My favorite set is the mid-century set, which I’m pretty sure is what I’m using in all of the above drawings. I also have theĀ  COPICat Markers and those are so much fun to draw with. These brushes bring so much life to my drawings, and there’s such a great variety of them that I can use them for so many different styles. I would love, love, love to get more of her brushes soon to play with. She puts so much care and thought into her sets, and they come with great instructions and she even has video tutorials that teach you how to use them. I mean, is there anything better?

So there you have it, my top favorite procreate brushes. Have you tried any of these? Which do you like, I would love to know! Email me at ceindyton@gmail.com or DM me on instagram to start a nerdy procreate brush conversation – it will be absolutely delightful.

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