Featured Work: Wonder Warrior Tribe Logo

The Need

Sometimes a logo is needed for a new business, sometimes it’s needed because the old logo doesn’t resonate their brand. This time, it’s a passion for a coach who wants to inspire others in her accountability group.

Meet Ashley

Ashley and I actually went to middle school together; I remember her being the first friend to call me at my new house in Virginia. We went on to high school together and stayed friends and I remember her being such a strong young lady, full of opinions, and always stood her ground.

So I’m not surprised at how well she’s adulting. She is a super mom of two kids, super wife, and she also rallies for a small group of women (including yours truly) to work out and eat well as a coach for Beachbody. Monthly coaching calls, weekly meals plans, and daily check-ins are what you can expect in this group. And if you have a question, she will find you an answer. Such a Facebook Group always has a little picture, a moniker that tells the rest of the social media group, a tribe you belong to.

And in that, lies the need for a logo.

The Logo

This logo needed to be versatile, personal, and inspirational. It needed to represent the strength of a warrior and also be approachable. The Beachbody videos are all different, but they all run on the basis that you can do it at home with minimum equipment. So, it also needs that personal touch.

As always, we start with some sketches. Here are some I came up in the beginning, thinking of ways to incorporate a bow and arrow – a graphic chosen by Ashley to represent the Wonder Warrior.

From there, I worked on my Ipad and straightened the lines, cleaned up some ideas and presented them to Ashley. And in that, we found that- she really loved two.

Can you have two logos?

Yes and no. I wouldn’t normally recommend a business to have two logos, but in this instance, we found that it’s truly a personal brand more than a business. In this case, why not have an alternative for T-shirts, stickers, and things like that? We kept a consistent color palette to keep it all cohesive.

Wonder Warrior Tribe Sticker on Bottle Mock Up

It’s been a fun new year to be a part of her group and see how well everyone is doing – and the encouragement is fucking awesome, especially since you’re alone, at home, trying your best. I can’t wait to see how far these graphics will go this year!

If you want to read more about my logo process, I detail the how I created the Strong Not Sorry logo.

Have a need for a logo? I’m your girl! Let’s chat: ceindyton@gmail.com

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